Innovative strength since 1924

We have 100 years of experience paired with state-of-the-art technology and resource-saving processes in order to continuously optimise quality and efficiency on behalf of our customers. As a successful family company operating throughout Europe,
Dreher Group is committed to these principles.


From Fidele cider to the Spirit Of Naturals


Fidel Dreher started off by going door to door along the Heuberg with his mobile juice press and pressed the farmer’s apples to juice. This juice was fermented into natural cider.


The first press was installed and put in operation by Fidel Dreher and his wife at their farmhouse in Königsheim. Due to the difficult times, the press wasn’t paid for with money, but with bacon and flour.


By building the first production and storage facilities in Stockach, company CEO Hans Dreher, pictured here with his wife Cäzilia, achieved a key milestone in the company’s history.


The second state-of-the-art Dreher Group production site officially started operations in Koprzywnica, Poland, close to the town of Sandomierz in Świętokrzyskie province.
Dreher Group


Spirit Of Fruits rebranded as Spirit Of Naturals: The company made the visionary decision to expand its portfolio to include plant-based products such as oat, soy and chickpea drinks starting in 2024.


The visionary and his successors in the anniversary year: Hans-Peter Dreher, CEO of the family company in its third generation since 1994, pictured here with his sons Florian and Felix, who already hold managerial positions at Dreher Group.


On the banks of Lake Constance

With its mild, temperate climate, hardly any other region in Germany is quite as well suited to fruit growing. Surrounded my natural and pristine orchards, Dreher Group helps preserve this unique cultivated landscape.

  • 55,000 m² factory premises
  • 90 employees
  • 5 trainees
  • 3-shift operation
  • Carbon-neutral cold storage
The headquarters of the family company Dreher have been located at the heart of the fruit growing region of Lake Constance since 1978. From here, we produce:
  • NFC juices (opaque & clear)
  • Plant-based products
  • Concentrates
  • Purées
Organic versions are available for all of our products.
Using filtration, we can also produce clear NFC juices.


Sandomierz fruit-growing region

A few years ago, Dreher Group started production at its state-of-the-art factory in the small Polish town of Koprzywnica
in Świętokrzyskie province.

  • 60,000 m² factory premises
  • 45 employees
  • 3-shift operation

Similar to our main production facilities in Stockach on Lake Constance, in Poland we benefit from close proximity to our fruit suppliers for optimum efficiency and sustainability.

Following its official production start in 2017, apple NFC juice is now produced at our site in Koprzywnica.

Further growth is in the pipeline for this location with the upcoming launch of a concentrate production plant in 2024.

  • Opaque apple NFC juice
  • Apple juice concentrate


Sustainability: the environment & energy

Climate protection

Our family company has always relied on ingredients gifted by nature. As a result, sustainability is one of our core commitments at Dreher. To us, protecting the climate and conversing resources are non-negotiable. All of the by-products we produce are fed back into the material cycle and used again as materials or energy. Dreher Group is DIN ISO 14001 certified (environmental management) has partnered up with producers in Farm Management Groups in Poland to enable more enterprises to become certified in line with the FSA sustainability standard.

Energy efficiency

Constant monitoring allows us to uncover savings potential and take corresponding action. Measures taken to date include in-house power generation using biogas from our wastewater pre-treatment plant along with photovoltaic modules on all of our production buildings. Dreher Group is also DIN ESO 50001 certified (energy management), works closely with climate partners and is committed to the Science Based Targets Initiative to substantially reduce carbon emissions.

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