Spirit Of Naturals

Your innovative partner for made-to-order
semi-finished products, including fruit juices,
vegan milk alternatives, concentrates & purées.


Spirit Of Naturals

NFC juice

100% tailored to your taste: individual products designed around analytical and sensory customer criteria.

Vegan milk alternatives

Oat-drink bases for plant-based products as milk alternatives produced with a lactose-free and eco-friendly process in line with your requirements.

Concentrate & purée

Your wish is our command: a wide range of basic ingredients for your blends, mixed drinks, spritzers and more. Also available in smaller volumes.


100 years of innovation

Ever since its foundation in 1924, the Dreher family have been at the helm of our medium-sized company. Hans-Peter Dreher is the third generation owner currently in charge of the company.
Our business has its roots at Lake Constance. The work we do is strongly driven by tradition. Innovative thinking and actions set us apart. Combined, these factors have helped Dreher Group become one of the most innovative and largest fruit juice manufacturers in Europe.


Always one step ahead

Innovative strength

As industry forerunners, our goal is to act, not react. Only in this way can we continue to drive progress and our growth with ingenuity and investment.


To us, an eco-friendly mindset and conversing resources are more than just obligations; they present an opportunity.


We love taking responsibility for our actions. We take joy in every challenge we face. Each one gives us the ability to once again prove our prowess and creativity.


There’s hardly a customer request we are unable to satisfy thanks to our quick response times and high degree of flexibility.


At Dreher Group, we always keep a close eye on the market. By monitoring the situation closely, we are in a position to identify upcoming trends early on and align our targets accordingly.


Backed by decades of experience and our impressive team, we know exactly what matters in terms of technology and cost-efficiency.


Build your career with us

Are you a motivated team player who also enjoys working independently and wants to make a difference?
Dreher Group is the place for you! As an innovative, constantly growing company, we offer more than just job security.
We give our employees plenty of opportunities to set the stage for their future success.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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